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Lee Grabell Levitation

Lee Grabel



Lee Grabel was born on March 12, 1919 in Portland Oregon. At age 12 Grabel presented his first professional stage show which was sponsored by The Boy Scouts of America.

Lee has traveled the world presenting his spectactular stage shows.

The very dapper Lee Grabel and his beautiful wife and assistant Helen presented a elegeant stage presentation. Lee's most noted illusion was where he levitaded a piano, it's bench and a piano player above the stage as it was being played.

With the 1950s came a new form entertainment, television, people no longer had to leave the comfort of their homes to see variety acts and entainers and the cost to move large stage shows risen greatly, so In 1959 Grabel retired from magic, settled in Alamo California and be a started real estate business.

In 1977 Lee Grabel took a small version of his show on the road for a short period. In September of 1988 Lee and Helen took to the road once more foe a 10 week opening in Fort Worth, Texas.

One the highest honors in magic is to receive the Mantle of magic handed down through the "Royal Dynasty of Magicians". On May 12, 1994 the Mantle was passed to Grabel Lee by Harry August Jansen (Dante the Magician). The succession of the Mantel is as follows: In 1896 the Mantle passed from Alexander Herrmann (Herrmann the Great) to Harry Kellar, in 1908 to Howard Thurston, then to Harry August Jansen, then In 1954 Dante passed the mantle to Lee Grabel. Lee chose as his successor Lance Burton, Lee presented the Mantle to Burton in a black tie ceremony held in the Granada Room of the Hacienda Hotel in Las Vegas, on On May 12, 1994.

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Lee grabel Piano Levitation


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