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Magician Lance Burton

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Lance Burton



William Lance Burton was born March 10, 1960 in Columbia, Kentucky.

As with many professional magicians, after witnessing a magician perform Lance acquired an interest in magic at a very early age. At age 6 Lance's mother took him to a company Christmas Party, a magician was performing at the event named Harry Collins. Collins asked for volunteers from the audience and selected young Lance. The magician proceeded to seemingly pull coins from Lance's ears and out of thin air. Young Burton was spellbound. After that experience he knew that he wanted to do, become a magician.

A neighbour learned of Burton's new interest and gave him a book on magic. Lance was soon giving neighbour magic shows, charging 5 cents admission per kid.

As lance became a teenager, magician Collins began to notice Burton's interest in magic and became his mentor. Lance has never forgotten magician Collins' help and guidance.

In 1977 at age 16, Burton performed at a magic competition and won first prize. In 1980 at age 19 Lance won the International Brotherhood of Magicians coveted "Gold Medal for Excellence".

After Burton received these accolades of achievement, he moved to Southern California and was invited to appear on Johnny Carson's (an amateur magician himself), "The Tonight Show". Burton would eventually make nine more appearances on the show for a phenomenal total of ten.

After his appearance on the The Tonight Show the offers poured in for the young star. Lance soon began an engagement at the "Folies Bergere" in Las Vegas, where he would remain for nine years. Lance became one of the top entertainers in Las Vegas. And the rest is history.


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Lance Burton's Las Vegas stage show
Lance Burton's dove production
Lance Burton in Las Vegas


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