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Howard Thurston Maagician

Howard Thurston

(July 20, 1869 – April 13, 1936)



Howard Thurston was in Columbus, Ohio on born July 20, 1869. His father William Henry Thurston 1842 - 1909 was carriage maker, his mother was Margaret Cloud Thurston 1840 - 1887.

Howard left home at an early age and began performing in vaudeville as a card magician, Thurston had watched the performance famed French magician Alexander Herrmann 1844 – 1896, Thurston idolized Herrmann and began to emulate the master magician.

Thurston toured the European vaudeville circuit and gained fame with his card manipulating abilities. Using the money that Howard had earned in Europe, he began to build a stage illusion show. Thurston took his stage show on a world tour beginning in Australia and then to Asia. He performed in China, Japan and Siam (now Thailand).

When Thurston returned to the United States he teamed up with the retiring Harry Kellar on his farewell tour(America's most famous magician at that time). On May 18, 1908 at the Ford's Theatre in Baltimore Maryland Kellar announced to the audience would be his successor.

Thurston revitalized Kellar's stage show adding attractive female assistants to replace the men that Kellar used, added more comedy and new featured illusions each tour.

Howard Thurston continued performing thrilling audiences through out the world until he suffered a stroke on March 30, 1936, he died on April 13 in Miami Beach, Florida. Howard Thurston was 66 years old at the time of his death






Howard Thurston
Howard Thurston and Harry Houdini




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