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Johnny Thompson

John Thompson and Pamela Hayes

(The Great Tomsoni & Co)

July 27, 1934 – March 9, 2019


John Max Thompson was born on July 27, 1934 in Chicago, Illinois.

John began his entertainment career in 1951 as a harmonica player with Jerry Murad's "Harmonicats" and later found his niche in comedy magic.

John Thompson and his lovely wife Pamela Hayes have amazed, amused and entertained us for many years with their hilarious comedy magic routines. Working under the stage name of "Great Tomsoni & Co" John performs as the dapper yet bumbling magician and Pam as his gum chewing and indifferent assistant.

John is also a magic teacher and consultant, having advised and consulted some of the top magicians in the business.

John has acted in numerous television series motions pictures and even sang in a music video. His acting credits include: One Day at a Time, Lunch Wagon, Hart to Hart, Fantasy Island, Serial, Flying High, Joyride to Nowhere, Eat My Dust, The Young Nurses and Bozo's Circus.

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