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Vaudeville, the combination of burlesque, circus, minstrel show, musical review and repertory theatre, which entertained millions in the 19th and early 20th century. But where did it all begin and why did it end.

The birth of vaudeville is rather vague. It did not begin at any one place or time, but rather it grew gradually out of early America's thirst for variety entertainment.

The word vaudeville is also ambiguous, no one is certain of it's origin. Some suggest that it may have come from the French phrases "vaut de ville" (worth of the city) or "voix de ville" (voice of the city).

The rapid growth of vaudeville popularity has often been attributed to two men Tony Pastor and Benjamin Franklin Keith.

In early America variety stage entertainment was mostly performed in saloons, bars and gaming houses in an effort to attract male audiences and keep them in the establishment for longer periods of time. The performances were adult in nature, with scantily clad women and risque comedians.


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