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Magician John Scarne

John Scarne

(Orlando Carmelo Scarnecchia)



John Scarne was born as Orlando Carmelo Scarnecchia on March 4, 1903, in Steubenville, Ohio.

The name Scarne may not be as well known to the general public as is Harry Houdini, Howard Thurston, David Copperfield or Lance Burton, however to the magician community John Scarne is well known.

Almost all of the magicians listed on these pages were interested in magic and wanted to become magicians from their early youth. Scarne, however had different goals, he wanted to become a card shark. He Acquired this interest from hanging out a a local card shop. His mother found out about his intentions and vigorously discouraged him.

John focused his efforts on slight-of-hand and card manipulation and became on of the foremost authorities on the subject. Scarne authored many books on the subjects and was self-proclaimed as "The World's Foremost Gambling Authority".


John Scarne (Orlando Carmelo Scarnecchia) died on July 7, 1985 in North Bergen, New Jersey, he was 82.

Books authored by John Scarne
Scarne's New Complete Guide To Gambling

Scarne's Guide To Modern Poker

Scarne On Dice

Scarne on Card Tricks

Scarne's On Card Games

Scarne's Encyclopedia Of Card Games

The odds against me; an autobiography

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