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History of Magic, Magicians
Magic Books and Magic Props.

Magic and magicians have been in existences since the dawn of time, long before recorded history. One can imagine a cave man hiding a rock and then producing it again, baffling his companion cave dweller. Magicians have been worshiped as gods and condemned as demons and witches.

We humans love to be fooled, but more than that we want to be entertained. Our curiosity leads us to Las Vegas productions, theatres, circuses and sideshows so that the magician might bamboozled us.

Many magicians get the bug early in life, usually after witnessing their first magic show, and then they are hooked. Magic becomes more than a hobby or a pastime, it becomes an obsession. This web site is not intended to cure your obsession but to stimulate it and create new interest.

On our site you will find biographies and stories of the greatest magicians, books on magic, kid's page for young magicians and links to magic tricks and props. ENJOY!


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